While investment income can be a powerful tool for building wealth, saving is a crucial component of financial success that should not be overlooked. In fact, the ability to save money is highly correlated with financial success because it allows individuals to live on less and have more disposable income for investing.

For those who are financially secure or wealthy, saving can still be an important part of their financial plan. By setting aside money in savings accounts or other low-risk vehicles, they can build a safety net that can provide a buffer in the event of an unexpected expense or income loss. This can help prevent them from depleting their investment income or assets.
Furthermore, saving can be an effective tool for achieving financial goals. Whether it’s saving for a down payment on a home or building an emergency fund, having money set aside can help individuals achieve their financial objectives more quickly and with less stress.
Ultimately, both saving and investment income are important components of a healthy financial plan, and the two should not be viewed as mutually exclusive. Instead, individuals should strive to find a balance that allows them to save money while also investing in assets that can generate returns and build wealth over time. By doing so, they can achieve financial success and security while also pursuing their long-term financial goals.