How to get started with your fitness journey?

The biggest question we ask all the time is where do I start on my health and wellness journey???

Everyone’s journey is different and some need more attention on food, while others need more attention on sleep. Thus, it doesn’t matter where you start but knowing what the start looks like helps you celebrate all the wins. No matter how small. 

You can use the four key components as a guide. This encompasses Movement, Diet, Rest and Mindset. When you know what the start line looks like it’s easier to plan out a successful plan. Some tips for today:

Know where you are starting

Start small and with things you are ready to change

Work within the four doctors and make small goals for each part

Celebrate all the small wins 

Don’t be hard on yourself every success story has way more failed attempts then the victory.

Be kind to yourself, if you slip up. Just accept it and keep going.

“If you have a flat tire you don’t replace all four” 

It’s not a race. Starting a wellness journey should be for the rest of your life. Make small changes and enjoy the process and have fun doing it. You’re all capable of greatness believe in yourself.