Have A Purpose

Our natural tendency to life is to avoid pain and seek pleasure. We will sacrifice things we value to avoid the pain. This is the “path of least resistance”, but really the path of greatest pain and least meaning.

If you want to move beyond that, you MUST have a purpose. 

Even if that purpose is to increase your capacity for handling pain or stress (in moderate amount) – being tougher, harder to kill – that is a purpose.

You must have a reason for skipping the sweet, sugary snacks you crave while watching TVs. 

Make no mistake, every choice you make involves a compromise or sacrifice – each decision is the sacrifice of options. If you can’t make peace with that, you’ll never make progress.

If your only purpose in life is to find pleasure, then every action will be for immediate gratification.

The short-term pain is for long-term gain. So, what will serve your purpose in life?