Weekend – Some Motivational Thoughts about Discipline & Patience

Success has a price tag that few are willing to pay. The cost is in time, effort, discipline, research, pain, and perseverance.


    • The keys are discipline, hard work, and practice. It’s like lifting weight – you have to work on it.
    • Maybe it’s not that you lack discipline. You lack a system that makes you eat well and exercise regardless of how you feel.
    • Cultivate the secret discipline: patience. Things that happen slow reward more than things that happen fast. Every day, recalibrate your mindset towards patience and discipline.
    • Focusing on Discipline & Patience is not where you learn Discipline & Patience. They come from your Preparation. If you’re confident in your prep, then you know what you are looking for. Waiting for the looks you want is where you develop Discipline & Patience.

    • Discipline to train, work hard, learn and respect the fundamentals while keeping a healthy perspective on coming up from nothingā€¦ itā€™s a journey.
    • The patience to wait for the progress when it’s not happening yet. The discipline to do common things uncommonly well for a long period of time.
    BUT, You don’t need extreme discipline to feel great and look good naked. You need an extremely good system that makes those things a foregone conclusion.

      • One thing you can do today to make the future easier is nutrition. Investing in high-quality nutrition will pay off in the form of energy for your relationships, business, and life.
      • And, stop stressing about your body fat percentage. Focus instead on your sleep, nutrition and exercise percentage. And the body fat takes care of itself.

      • Exercise and nutrition can be just as good for you mentally as physically.
      • We should put more effort as a society in to our nutrition, taking care of ourselves.

      • Walking daily, hydration, brief and intense workouts, good sleep, and straightforward nutrition concepts. As opposed to complex calorie calculations, marathon training sessions, tracking sleep and resting heart rate.

      • We all have a finite supply of will and discipline. And any act of conscious self-regulation depletes itā€”whether thatā€™s resisting temptations, diet, workout, etc. So, the more replenishing the rest, the better.