Tips To Get More Mental Energy

How To Focus And Work More Efficient And Become More Productive?

First of all, it is perfectly logical to treat your brain and your mental work as using muscles. So, just like a physical body muscle, mental stamina can be built through repeated, precise exertion, FOLLOWED BY REST! Learn to Nap and take rest better, stay away from electronic devices for a 15 mins or 30 mins can do wonder.

  1. Meditate: learn meditation and try to do it daily, or twice a day, as frequent as you can. Relaxing your mind rests the mind and also rests the body.
  2. Food: Avoid junk food, processed food, and eat food with calories that are nutritious, take a multivitamin if you cannot eat a varied diet. Instead of one huge meal, eat smaller meals more frequently.
  3. Sleep: Are you getting enough sleep everyday? Aim for 7 hours or more each night. The ability to focus for a long time is strongly correlated by how much or little sleep you’ve had.
  4. Water: Drink more water if you are not drinking enough water during the day.
  5. Exercise: Find a physical activity that you enjoy and do it a few times a week, be it running, walking, yoga, lifting weight, etc. Do not jump into exercising once in a while without a plan. Do not do a work out because other people are doing ti. Find something suitable with your physical ability or something that you already enjoy (or try something new you are interested in of course) . Working out should do regularly and something look forward to.
  6. Comfort zone: try new things and try to stay out of your comfort zone, such that you become comfortable with being “uncomfortable”.
  7. Socializing: going out with friends, going to a park and enjoy the scenery, play a pick-up match at a local sports centre, etc., those activities can recharge your ability to concentrate longer.
  8. Don’t look at your phone all day if you can help it. If it’s the weekend, get outside and enjoy some fresh air, seeing people. 
  9. Listen to music (classical music is the best) to get you into the right mood, or drink coffee in the right amount if you need.