Here are some strategies that were shared over the yrs that helped SOME Successful PEOPLE make it.

1 – Learn new skills – But which skills matter ?

– Public speaking and debating: nothing is more useful than a person who could speak well. This is the value of skills and will become even more important as technology advances.

-Psychology: People are ignorant, we do not use common sense in the decisions we make. To make sure you understand the techniques of mental health and discrimination, it is recommended that you read some good books about psychology.

– Sales: we are all customers. No matter what you do with your life and what you do with it, you are always trying to convince and sell people of your opinion on one thing or another.

– Writing: to share your thoughts and defining your ideas. Whatever you do to get it, you need to be able to present it well on your paper.

– Learn to make friends with co-workers- You may thought of it as just working with other people. This is not entirely true. Friends will help you spot mistakes. Making friends is like having access to other people’s knowledge and their networks. Forming friendship should be classified as a superpower. A good network of friends can change you and allow you to do things you can’t do on your own. 

– Control your energy – It’s not easy to get a lot of things done. There are many things you want to do, read, watch, work on, and also people to meet. Often there is not enough time to do everything you want to do. The trick here is not to have a to-do list, but to divide your energy into the situation and align your energy with big and important tasks.

Do the hardest work when you have a lot of energy and do the easy things when you are tired.

Many people made that mistake. Many people check my email (easy task) in the morning and try to read a book or study when they’re tired at night. It doesn’t work. And try to spend your energy on doing the hardest tasks when you have a lot of energy and see if you see a big difference.

Learn to appreciate – Money doesn’t cause problems. But there are millionaires that are unhappy. It’s easy to forget about little things in life when you move forward in action and you keep wanting more – you don’t simply don’t want what you currently have. Want to have a bigger car, a bigger house, a bigger party. It’s never ending. People’s minds change quickly to new situations.

Expressing gratitude on a daily basis is a simple and wise way to find happiness. Be thankful for what you get, what you accomplish and how much money you make. Practice every day to be grateful for what you have in all aspects of your life: spiritual, physical things, etc. This will make you more interested in what you have in your life and more in your life than trying to live in the future.

2/ Create your system

This is about building a process that allows you to succeed even if you fail. What does that mean for you?

For example say you wanted to grow your network to help you get a job, then your system would be to make sure that each day you meet one new person. This way even if you didn’t get a job right away, you would be left with a larger network, which in itself makes you more valuable.

Or if you wanted to impress your interviewer with a knowledge of internet marketing, rather than cramming the night before, you would start reading 10 pages of a marketing or advertising related book a day. 

Regardless of whether you impressed the interview, you would end up being smarter.The point being that rather than focus on just a goal or task, build a system that ensures that you will acquire something of value even if you don’t immediately succeed at your goal.

3/ Simplify your life – most of us live our lives with complexity than needed. 

For you this might be trying to juggle Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat, iMessages, etc. 

This is not to tell you to stop talking to people, it means that for a few hours a day switch off or ignore the phone and just focus on the key tasks you want to accomplish. Multi-tasking doesn’t work, our brains aren’t designed for it.

Another way to think about this is the Pareto 80/20 principle. 

For those of you that haven’t heard about this before, the principle goes like this, 20% of your clients are responsible for 80% of your income. 20% of the population holds 80% of the wealth. Your goal in life should be to identify the 20% of effort that can allow you to accomplish 80% of your goals.