Enjoy Your Weekend & Keep Things In Moderate

Eating too much dessert/ junk food/ overeating in general on the weekend is one of the biggest things that can hold you back from living a healthy lifestyle.

Have you noticed that even while you are actively eating a dessert that you feel like you still want more? This is because dopamine motivates us to seek more and more and we end up overeating in the process.

Often overlooked, most people try to eat clean and workout Monday-Friday and then when Saturday comes around, they throw all of that out the window and go hard on snacks and junk food…

Which sabotages the progress they made in the week and now they’re back to square one.  

Here are 3 tips to avoid the weekend food binge

1. Practice mindful eating — Mindful eating is SLOWING DOWN, connecting with the food, and enjoying the flavors, textures, and sensations that your food offers. Each bite is its own experience and you may notice that you get full quicker.

2. Stop viewing foods as good or bad —If you only eat good food on the weekdays and bad foods on the weekends you are mentally restricting yourself and this will lead to over-indulgence on the weekend. Balance is key.

3. Start implementing some of your favorite foods into your eating lifestyle. For example, you can try a healthier pizza option in your meal plan, so you don’t feel like you need to over indulge on the weekend because you actually enjoys the meals.

Fitness is the approach of both stopping TOXIC HABITS and replacing them with HEALTHY habits! 

In this case – the toxic habit is “viewing foods as good or bad” which puts you in a restrictive mindset

Instead try dieting flexibly which means including foods you love in your plan every single day … making living a healthy lifestyle and ACHIEVABLE and FUN process