You put in great efforts and finally you get to where you’re supposed to be. But, what no one sees is the times and times of physical and mental struggle you had to endure in order to build up to this.

The beginning could be rough—realizing that you didn’t have the greatest insertions or muscle bellies to look like my fitness inspirations. This might get you to think and doubt yourself for a long time. 

You could wish that you had bigger biceps, longer triceps, etc., but wishing wasn’t gonna change anything. This is what we were born with and so we slowly learned to accept that and grind anyway.

A couple years down the road you began to feel more confident in yourself. You were getting stronger, you’d made a considerable amount of gains. The progress was showing and you would use this as fuel to motivate yourself to keep going. You began to see the potential in myself.

Fast forward a few more years of relentless lifting and you’re there finally. It’s incredible to look back sometimes and see where we began. You remember the hardship in between and learn to appreciate ourselves. Now you realize the potential you have. The strengths are shining, but so are the weaknesses. It’s a never ending process—set goals, reach them, repeat.

Envision this, and you’ll achieve the physique you’ve always desired.