In random assortments to make things more interesting and also because I’m an all over the place type of guy

  1. Life hack: By far, the best way to reheat pizza is the frying pan method.
  2. Being able to go without food and fast at will COULD BE a great life hack. Most people simply cannot get past their conditioning to eat when they feel hungry, and they end up paying the price for it from poor food choices.
  3. Life hack: If on an elevator and someone presses the wrong floor,  double press that floor button, it will “undo” that floor request.
  4. One of the most underrated life hacks is to shut up, sometimes.
  5. A life-hack for people in their 20s: take a shirt you wore in college and do NOT throw it away even if it’s torn up. Wear it when you wake up once a month. If it doesn’t fit nicely it’s time to hit the gym. Don’t let poor diet get to you especially as you can afford nice food now anytime.
  6. Saving money is a life hack.
  7. Being outside your comfort zone is a life hack.
  8. Having a supportive partner is a life hack.
  9. A podcast a day compounds knowledge more than any industry exam.
  10. Getting a standing desk when WFH.
  11. Exercise during the work day… it’s hard to make the time outside of the work day and it makes the second half of the work day more productive.
  12. “If your ring gets stuck on your finger, windex will slide it right off…you  can also reduce the the size of your finger but chilling it in cold water.”
  13. “Rubbing alcohol removes chewing gum and gets paint off of clothes”
  14. “Put your onion in the freezer for 10 minutes before chopping it. It freezes the juices just enough to slow down the process of it turning into gas…gives you a few minutes to chop without tears.”
  15. Daily walks in nature are an underrated life hack.
  16. Not giving up is the ultimate life hack.
  17. Life hack: Turn your phone notifications off. 
  18. Busy person life hack: have a list of things to ask your doctor about that are not urgent but could become bad (do I need a mammogram, arthritis pain in hands, etc). Go twice a year and ask ALL the questions. Being busy is not an excuse to neglect your health.
  19. Life hack: clear your cache before you revisit airline sites, or places like Booking, Priceline, etc,..they raise prices every time you look.
  20. Life hack: Surround yourself with people who are better than you.
  21. Believing in yourself. That’s a real superpower & a life hack.
  22. Life hack: If you’re not passionate about what you do find something else to do.
  23. Life hack: antiperspirant is amazingly good at stopping shaving cuts from bleeding
  24. Life Hack for the Unemployed: Reading books are free, you can also learn many skills online for free.
  25. Life hack to cut phone screen time: only charge your phone up to 60-70% per day. Never recharge. That will create a level of scarcity & rationing that deceases use to sub 2.5 hours.
  26. life hack: stop complaining.
  27. Life hack: replace small talk like “you too” with an affirmative head nod.
  28. Life hack that is not shared often enough: using text-to-speech to proofread your writing. Your eye will gloss over all sorts of mistakes (repeated “of”s, extra or missing “s”s, etc.). But your ear catches them all.
  29. Life hack: the less you care of the easier it gets.
  30. Life Hack: Be. Kind. To. Others.
  31. Life hack: appreciate the little things.
  32. Some people searching for a life hack to skip DOING THE WORK. There is no shortcuts to success. Do. The. Work.
  33. Life hack: The first 4 hours of your day are the most productive. Don’t check Social Media. Drink your espresso with some water and go straight into work-mode. Watch what happens.
  34. “I don’t like the term life hack. It takes a lot of work to be really good at something in life. You need: a teacher, a passion, read a lot of books, practice three to four hours a day for many days. There are no shortcuts to learning something.” – James Altucher