The Most Valuable Skills Today

The list includes:

  1. The valuable business skill you need is sales and learning how to respond to “no” (objection handling)
  2. Influencing through written word vs. influencing through speech. The first trains precision and clarity of thought. The latter steals precious time through unnecessary meetings.
  3. Knowing what to ignore
  4. The ability to detect patterns and notice anomalies
  5. Focus: The Valuable Skill Of The 21st Century. Because, currently, our average attention span is declining, thus, the ability to focus is required more than ever. 
  6. In school, you’re reprimanded for answering the problem by Google-ing the solution online and copying the answers, but turns out that’s among the most valuable skills in the real world
  7. The ability to explain complex things in a simple way.
  8. The ability to code.
  9. The ability to stay calm, cool and clear headed in times of trouble
  10. Being able to take feedback
  11. The most valuable skill in today’s world is the ability to think for yourself.
  12. The most valuable skill in business is common sense.
  13. Self awareness. The ability to understand how your opponents perceive both your strengths and weakness.
  14. Learning to enjoy life
  15. Learning how to learn is one of the most valuable skills in the online world
  16. Critical thinking / Troubleshooting