My Experience With Late Night Eating

So, Carbs after 8pm are bad?

One thing to get started, is that eating late can have a massive impact on your sleep quality. Especially the amount of food can extremely influence your sleep. It takes time to digest & metabolise food. So try to eat your last meal about 2-3hrs before you go to bed.

Ever heard of meals or food, which gets plus x calories late a day? Or you’re not allowed to eat in the evening cuz it makes you fat?!

Probably the biggest myth, which is unfortunately still existing & maybe will ever exist.

First of all, not that these foods are bad if you eat them late at night or in the evening! So a burger is also at 9 or even 10pm his 1000cal thic (after 11pm 1300cal).

It’s not the “late” food, which makes you fat, it’s the whole calorie/energy balance through your day. When you eat may not exactly matter much in terms of weight loss or gain! It’s about Calorie In, Calorie Out, and Keep Things in Moderation!