Live Life With a Purpose

Just think about the last iPhone that you’ve bought.

How long did that happiness and excitement last?

Maybe a couple of days?

It’s the same with buying new clothes, a new watch, a new car, or even a house.

The only difference is that a car will probably keep you happy for a couple of months and a house for a couple of years maybe.

The point is that the “happiness” from material things fades away sooner than later.

And then you’ll just try to buy new things over and over again to keep that happiness alive.

When we start invest in living life with a strong purpose and belief. We will find a much deeper kind of happiness. 

Happiness for us may be equal to having the freedom to spend your time however you want without having to worry about a deadline or Mon-Fri job or something like that.

You don’t need to buy luxuries to become happy.

Nothing wrong with buying luxury. But make sure you invest in yourself first before you spend your money or borrow to buy luxuries.