Don’t waste your time

If you’re still in your 20s, this could be valuable information for you.

If you’re not in your 20s anymore, it could still be valuable for you.

Most people use their 20s to live for the weekends.


So, what does that mean?

They’re just “surviving” from Monday to Friday so they can then go to parties, get drunk, and enjoy two days of the week.

And they repeat that every single week, year after year until one day they wake up in their 30s with $0 saving to their bank accounts.


Sure, if you want to live that kind of “lifestyle” and retire at 65, just continue.

But if you want more out of your life and actually enjoy it, then you need to build while you’re young.

Use your 20s to study and invest in things that will pay you for the later decades.


And no, it doesn’t mean to totally sacrifice everything in your 20s to get rich.

But don’t just throw your 20s away. Life’s too short to only be living for the weekends.

Use your time to acquire assets, skills, and build a future where you don’t have to worry whether it’s Monday or Friday.

Your future self will thank you for that.