Prioritize your health & fitness

What was your personal views on dieting/eating healthy growing up?

Sometimes, it’s not a matter of being healthy is too expensive, it’s just that you might have a poor attitude and don’t prioritize your health, probably because that’s what you grew up around.

Because you see, being healthy isn’t about eating everything organic and spending a ton of money, it’s about choosing foods that are going to nourish and support your body so that it can thrive.

So before you go supporting your negative and programmed mindset about why you can’t afford to be healthy and prioritize your health, take a look at your mindset around being healthy and the influence those around you have/had on this mindset.

Take a good look at your weekly or monthly food budget, and check:

– Where can you cut cost? (e.g. junk food, unhealthy snacks, etc.)

– Are the extras you spend your money on supporting your health or your bad food habits?

What would prioritizing your fitness look like?

You get back what you put in so ask yourself, where am I spending my time and effort, is it in alignment with my health and fitness journey?

Living a fit, healthy lifestyle can actually be very affordable indeed.