You get upset when others talk bad about you, yet you constantly talk bad about yourself!

Your internal dialogue is so important. I’ve never met someone who liked when others talked down on them. Yet, what most people don’t realize is 1) 70% of conversations they have daily are with themselves in their head and 2) an echo chamber of excuses, put downs, and negativity with yourself WON’T help you achieve your goals. Not even close. In fact, I’d argue it’s just as if not more destructive than someone else hating on you or raining on your parade.


Be kind to yourself.

Love your non-perfection.

Don’t expect things to always go right the first time or first couple of times.

Take action and give yourself permission to mistakes.


But above all… CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS. You can always short circuit thoughts that don’t serve you and turn the page or chapter in your head. You first need to be more consciously aware and then you need to rephrase your thoughts and turn the negative into a positive.

Your thoughts create action – so what are you thinking about?