How To Dress For Halloween? The Interesting Way

Halloween reminds us about the photos of pumpkin spice latte and some horror movies with the pumpkin itself filled with candy. I came from a place where we celebrate halloween and people I know have always loved Halloween and costumes, dressing up for the part is sure a lot of fun. But along the way it turned into a fierce competition that led to dumb reasons to wear ridiculous clothes. It started with an aimless celebration to get as many candies and “likes” as possible. 

For the gay alone, the gay world is like the world of girls. Homosexual men, like some American girls, love to attend Halloween parties in “interesting” dresses choices these days. Those that show a lot of muscle, bodywork and/or give a touch of pop culture and reference popular films. 

The following are examples of modern gay sporty men Halloween costumes designed, unlike traditional and conventional options. Plus, there are tips to make your dress look good.

Rule #1: Make sure your costume is easily recognizable.

Rule #2: You can always count on costumes that reference daily professions.

Like a police man, or doctor!

What, you ask, is better than a cop? A good looking one.

Rule #3: Find a cherished cultural icon and make it interesting

Rule #4: If you can’t think of anything to be for Halloween, go with the basics.

Take, for example, dressing like a firefighter

Rule #5: You can never go wrong with anything sports-themed. Unless it’s one of those pansy sports like figure skating.

Rule #6: Dress like a superhero. If you must wear masks, make sure you show off your giant biceps.

Let’s face it, Wolverine is a pretty interesting costume choice, but safe and popular to begin with. The white tank top/muscle version is much sexier though. 

Rule #8: The party may like it when you dress up as something innocent (and look good!).
Rule #9: Have fun! And Stay Safe.