Accept things as they are

One of the most powerful skills we can learn is to learn to control our emotions. To be able to experience and accept through them at will. As this is our remote control of the difficult situations in our lives.

So although it’s great to have desire, we want to be mindful to not get stuck on wanting more and more. As that will leave us on one extreme end of the spectrum.

As you can see that it could be easy to be angry when things do not happen the ways we want them to happen.

Or fearful we won’t get what we want after all the hard work.

Or grieve that we lost our fortunes.

Or feel guilt and shame about our desires.

We are the literal remote control for our thoughts and emotion. The better we can accept things as they are, the more power, and the less force needed to go against the realities of lives.

Accept things as they are, accept the truths, so that we can move on and do better next time.